Helium Dropper Post


Don't know what measurements you need?


Helium Dropper Post


Don't know what measurements you need?

Dimensions and technical drawings

Tabla Completa
L Stroke D A B Weight (g)
320 60 30,9 117 203 281
320 60 31,6 117 203 291
350 90 30,9 147 203 296
350 90 31,6 147 203 309
380 90 30,9 147 233 309
380 90 31,6 147 233 320
410 90 30,9 147 263 316
410 90 31,6 147 263 334

The lightest telescopic post on the market

With one click, this product offers you the immediacy you want. The result of years of innovation, it stands out for its simplicity and reliability, designed for both the racer and the mechanic. Its design guarantees fast movements in competition. In addition, adjusting and mounting the saddle is very easy, and you can remove the seat post without unhooking the cable. Efficiency at its finest!

Mechanical cartridge; the key to success

We revolutionized the design by avoiding grooves in the slide tube, eliminating stress and increasing its strength. Now, it only works axially, which means less material, more lightness and optimal robustness. Quality and uniqueness in materials!

The structural tube is made of carbon fiber

With high precision molding, we ensure the best movement. We optimize the layers for maximum strength and rigidity against deformation. We use 6Al-4V titanium for the hardware and locking mechanism, and CNC machined 7075T6 aluminum for the other parts. The friction areas are hard anodized, ensuring durability and smoothness. Thus, we combine top materials for a light, resistant product with an impeccable finish.

Maximum ease of mounting the saddle

The titanium nuts, captive in the top bracket, attach easily to the screws thanks to the open ears. This simplifies the assembly of saddle, bracket, nuts and bolts, eliminating the complication of holding multiple pieces at once. Additionally, for users of saddles with anti-prostatic opening, we add an allen mortise on the screws, visible from the opening, to easily adjust the inclination.





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