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Your VERTICAL product has been manufactured with the utmost care using the most advanced manufacturing technology. That is why all our products are guaranteed to the original purchaser for two years from the time the product is received. The buyer will have the right, in case of defect, to the repair or replacement of the defective product, free of charge.

VERTICAL's warranty claims will be handled by our technicians, who will review your product to determine the nature of the defect and the appropriateness of your warranty claim.

VERTICAL reserves the right, in case of discontinued models, to deliver the successor model in the available range, and if not available, a higher range model.

The validity of the warranty shall at all times be linked to the correct and diligent observance by the user of the installation and assembly instructions and the maintenance and safety instructions. The warranty does not cover, among others, accidents, negligence, improper use or unauthorized structural modifications.

For more information and details about our warranty and its coverage, please review our Warranty conditions.

In case, for example, you are interested in installing components in your VERTICAL products, about whose compatibility you are not sure, you can consult us at any time via our e-mail

The prices of the products shown on the website include the legally applicable VAT. This price does not include the corresponding shipping costs, which will be added in the summary of the purchase, before making the payment. Prior to the completion of each purchase, you will be able to see the exact amount of each order, including all costs that may arise.

The order will be processed the next working day after we have received the payment. From this management, carried out within a maximum period of 24 hours, the delivery time shall be computed, as indicated at the end of the purchase.

If once you have received the product you change your mind and wish to return it or exchange it for another, you can manage the return with us, provided that it is within 14 days of delivery and that the product is unused, and with the original packaging and labels. Once the condition of the package has been checked, we will proceed to refund the amount of the item in the same transaction method in which the purchase was made.

Products may only be returned in exchange for a refund. If you wish to exchange the received product for a different one, you must follow the return procedure and then place a new order.

To process your return you must send your product to the address below, filling out the following form and indicating in it, above all, your order number in order to correctly identify your transaction.

IMPORTANT: In order to correctly associate your shipment with your payment transaction, and thus reimburse you the corresponding amount, you must add a copy of the purchase invoice in the shipping package. Otherwise, the refund period may be extended.

For more information and details, please contact us directly.

vertical F.A.Q

In your video, you do not explain how to pass the remote cable sheath through the inside of the frame, how is it done?

Each bicycle frame has a different procedure. You should consult your bicycle's manual.

Cable assembly video

On the first use of the day, I feel more friction in its movement, is this normal?

Yes, absolutely. Our seatpost uses an industrial type dust cap that has a higher sealing ability against dirt, but also more friction. You can use an RSP Hyper Wiper type dust cap lubricant to lubricate the tube. It is recommended to loosen the dust cap collar and lubricate underneath the dust cap.

The seatpost does not lock in the upper position, what should I check?

It is important that the cable sheath does not remain taut inside the frame. The cable must not be fully tensioned.
If the control cable still does not retain its position after loosening, please contact us.

Can I lubricate the inside of the seat post with any grease?

No. It is necessary to use a low viscosity suspension grease such as RSP Slick Kick, included in our maintenance kit. A more viscous grease will slow down the movement of the seatpost.

Video Maintenance

When the seatpost is actuated, the sound of air is heard. Is everything correct?

Yes, it is normal. There is a small hole at the bottom to allow air in and out to avoid creating a vacuum inside.

I have changed my bike and now I need a different diameter, can I upgrade my seatpost?

Fully. Tubes of both sizes are interchangeable as long as the length is maintained. Please contact us to get the tube you need.

Which remote control is compatible with the Helium seatpost?

Any one that can stretch 5mm of cable. In principle they are all compatible, but for greater smoothness, we recommend those with the trigger below the handlebar.

S.A.T. Form (Technical and warranty management service)

Remember to provide as much information about your case as possible and do not forget to enter the serial number of your seatpost.