The lightest telescopic seatpost on the market

with a quick click action that provides a superb sense of immediacy in its extension.

After years of development, prototypes, complicated challenges and the necessary successes, a product has been obtained that stands out for its simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

It has been developed around the competition to satisfy not only the runner but also the mechanic. It has achieved the immediacy of movement that every athlete needs in a race.

In addition, mounting and adjusting the saddle has become a very simple task and the seat post can be removed from the frame without having to release the control cable.


Mechanical cartridge; the key to success

By avoiding grooving the sliding tube - the one that suffers the most - it becomes smooth, without stress concentration due to the bending stress to which this tube is subjected, caused by the grooves.

In this way, the grooved liner is freed from these bending stresses since it only works in the axial direction.

Thanks to this brilliant technical resource, the amount of material for the construction of this tube is minimal, achieving an incredible lightness with optimum robustness.

The best materials for a unique product.


The structural tube is made of carbon fiber.


by high-precision molding for the best movement fit. Layering has been optimized to maximize strength and to stiffen the tube against saddle clamp deformation. Titanium 6Al-4V is used for hardware and locking mechanism. The 7075T6 aluminum is CNC machined to form the rest of the parts. Hard anodizing is applied to parts exposed to friction to ensure longevity and smoothness. Only with the best ingredients can we achieve a light, reliable and well-finished product.
In this way, the grooved sleeve is freed from these bending stresses, since it only works in the axial direction.

Thanks to this brilliant technical resource, the amount of material for the construction of this tube is minimal, achieving an incredible lightness with optimum robustness.

The best materials for a unique product.


Maximum ease of saddle mounting

The titanium nuts are captive in the upper bracket. The open ears where the heads of the two clamping bolts are anchored allow the bolts to be attached to the nuts beforehand. The whole saddle-support-nut-bolt assembly is thus effectively joined together, avoiding the cumbersome task of having to hold multiple parts in precarious balances. Another technical detail that users of saddles with anti-prostatic opening will appreciate is the inclusion of an allen mortise at the end of the bolts (which is visible from the anti-prostatic opening of the saddle) to facilitate the adjustment of the inclination.


Independent locking cartridge (ILC):

In any telescopic seatpost, the aluminum structural tube is subjected to very high bending stresses. Conventional mechanical locking seatposts have this tube slotted, suffering high stress concentration, so a thick wall is required to compensate.
Vertical has patented its own locking mechanism, which, similar to a hydraulic seatpost, the structural tube can be smooth internally, dispensing with locking grooves, being much lighter and more resistant to fatigue than a slotted one.
This is achieved by a mechanical locking cartridge, which handles axial forces only.

Quick Seat Clamping (QSC):

Mounting the saddle on any seatpost has always been an odious task because of poor accessibility to the components that hold the saddle. That is why the nuts of the upper flange are captive inside the piece, as well as the bolts.
This makes the assembly process much simpler and more user friendly.

Optimal Carbon Layup (OCL)

Developing a carbon tube to meet the demands of a telescopic seatpost is no easy task. Not only does it have to guarantee a good internal finish for good sliding, but it must also withstand the demanding stresses required by ISO 4210 and must be sufficiently firm for tightening the seatpost clamp.
Vertical has developed its own process to obtain a tube that meets all the technical specifications, and also has precision grooves for good guidance.

Easy detachment system (EDS):

Any user of telescopic seatpost has suffered the cumbersome process of having to release the cable to disassemble the seatpost from the bike. For Vertical it is a priority to facilitate this operation for both the mechanic and the end user, that is why it has developed a system to be able to uncouple the seatpost from the cable without tools.
This system allows you to move the seatpost from one bike to the other very easily. To do this you only need to have an EDS kit for each additional bike where you want to mount the seatpost.

"After a process in search of an excellent product, we can say that we have achieved our goal. At Vertical we decided to develop our products in search of excellence. We are not satisfied with just anything. In the development process of Helium we have aimed to create a reliable product that can be adapted to any bicycle and situation".

The titanium fasteners used seek to achieve the highest quality finish and performance. Weight optimization is vital in our product and after evaluating all types of materials, we use the latest generation for perfect performance.

Optimizing the position of the valve to control air pressure and especially making sure that mounting and dismounting the saddle is as easy as possible, together with a high quality carbon fiber body, to achieve the lightest possible weight and a perfect fit to the bike frame.

- Vertical Team